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PregnancyBeing a parent is great, but this is a great responsibility. Before you get pregnant you think of the emotions that you experience and ask yourself questions about your future lifestyle when you become a parent. For you and your partner is important to clarify some of the major issues to discuss their different opinions before you decide to become pregnant. What you can do is ask yourself the following questions:
Why do you want to have a baby? Your partner, parent or anyone else pressuring you to have a child?
How the child will affect your relationship with your partner? They are you ready to become parents?
If you have a relationship, are you prepared to raise a child alone? Who will help?
How your baby will affect your future educational or business plans?
You and your partner have any religious or ethnic differences? Discuss how you will find harmony between these differences and how they can affect your child?
Are you prepared to raise a child who may be ill or have special needs?
Ready to refuse to sleep until late morning on the weekend? Are you ready to find one to take care of the child whenever you want to leave without him?
Are you ready to enjoy and spend time with children? How to see and appreciate as a parent?
What have you liked in your childhood? What do you like?

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