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Autumn pregnancy

Pregnant womanTo all women with comming of the pregnancy the health is very sensitive. In fact are starting the natural defence mechanisms, which are making the immunity of the future mother and will not allow to the organism to throw the foetus like the other body. To all the people during the Autumn can be seen the natural decreasing of the immunium defence.
that is the main reason  because to some women, got pregnant during the Autumn, the immunity is decreasing double. That is why the first weeks from the pregnancy, the risk of colds is high and to prevent them you should make stronger your immunity system. Active stimulators of the immunity  are the anti-oxygenes Рthey are repairing the stability of the molecules, cells and wovens, they are neutralize the free radicals and protect the organism from sicknesses.
To anti-oxygenes are: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-karotin, selen, zink, L_gulation. Rich of anti-oxygenes are grain foods, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables. The good action of the anti-oxygenes is increasing while they are used together.

Vitamin C – making strong the immunity system, gives defence from stress and cancerous, decrease the toxics into the blood.
Vitamin E – saves the heart, making stronger the immunity system, prevents the cell membranes from harmful actions, keeps the lungs from polution together with vitamin A. It can decrease also the blood preasure,
Beta-Karotine – is provitamin of vitamin A. The liver sintesis vitamin A because of its needs. The vitamin A prevent from infections, and helps for strong hair, skin and teeth.
Selen – delays the grow old of the wovens and neutralize the action of some cancerous agents.

Pigment spots
If during the summer you got a sun complexion, the risk of pigment spots in the first weeks of the pregnancy is very high. After getting of the complexion the organism is restoring for 2-3 month, but during pregnancy this process is broken.
The basic purpose for changing into the pigmentation of the skin are hormonal changes and loss of folly acid, which often comes in the first weeks of the pregnancy.

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