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Benefits of side sleeper bed wedge

bedThere are many occasions that might make one to sleep on their side such as an ailment, injury, surgery or pregnancy conditions. In such cases people might experience certain troubles such as acid reflux that is caused due to the indigestion problem. This problem occurs usually with patients who might lie down soon after their dinner time or bed ridden patients who might have dinner at their bed itself. Also for some people who might have undergone a spinal surgery or injury, they might be required to lie down on their sides. So while lying down on their sides they might face some uncomfortability that can be overcome with side sleeper bed wedge that has the ability to lift the head and shoulders at greater elevation offering a great degree of comfort to the patients.
This bed wedge is essential as it makes the person lying down to wake up without any strain. It lifts the pressure off the shoulders making you feel very light and relaxed. These wedges are made of sturdy foam that does not get pressurised due to the body weight of the person and retains its shape immediately. It offers an ergonomically correct posture for the person to sleep on the side thereby reducing the strain on the lower back and also reduces the incident of sore back aches that are usually experienced during pregnancy. These wedges act as important safety modifications as it offers the much needed support to the body and a high degree of relaxation. Use this wedge to gain support to your mid region, legs, back, shoulders and head as the superior material called polyurethane offers good support as it has the ability to adjust according to the shape of your body and can last up to many years even when used continuously.

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