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Breastfeeding increases the intelligence of the child

Baby BreastfeedingThis is the conclusion of Canadian experts from McGill University (McGill University), according to which positive results were found even before the child reaches the age of 6 years. The scientists still can not establish whether this indisputable fact, the statutes by the testing of more than 14 000 children, due to the breast milk or breast-feeding as a whole. The results cited by the Archives of General Psychiatry, however, illustrate – children breastfed for at least 80-10 months show higher IQ at an early age (5-6 on). According to some opinions, fats contained in breast milk are the reason for better cognitive abilities of young children. Other scholars believe that the results may be due to both physiological and social consequences of breast-feeding itself. Experts advise newborn to be breastfed at least 6 months, although, according to the World Health Organization in developed countries only one in four mothers continue to breastfeed her child after the third month.

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