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Lactation and breast-feeding problems

Postpartum unconditional second element of motherhood is breastfeeding the child. In the mother’s womb ~ fruit is preserved by virulent microorganisms through security bodies to be found in maternal blood. Postpartum defence this role is assumed by the stern. Through his maternal milk supply la safeguard your child against antibodies characteristic of mankind disease. Such […]

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Early contact with your baby

Placing the baby breast immediately after birth has salutary effects as indispensable on you and on your child.  What is important is the baby immediately after birth can be put on the abdomen of the mother. Contact, skin to skin “allows your newborn child to feel your warmth and your heart to hear. So right […]

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Babies should not wear earings

Doctors advise mothers to stave fuchsia for the ears of babies. bringing of jewelry in the baby age has its problems. As piercing the ear holes should be fully bring seriously because hiding a danger. Pierced ears may be sore and swell. Excepth that the baby is in the process of growth and with it […]

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17 ideas to grow a lucky baby

1. Show your child that you love him – always and unconditionally. And your love has nothing to do with his actions. 2. Do not miss a day without praising him/her – whether it is able to cope alone with something or just has made efforts. Let every achievement (even the least) be noted with […]

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Choose a name of your baby

No parent who even do not thinkg on this issue. Some months arguing among other studies do with the importance of different names, third know how to say their child before he planned. There is no dispute that the choice of name for our future successor is not nothing easy. However, the name is part […]

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