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5 unpleasant surprises during pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy will be changes in your body that will make you often wonder what is normal and what is not, and whether you need to visit your gynecologist. If you are pregnant right now is the time to prepare for changes related to growth of the abdomen and many more […]

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The Passive smoking during pregnancy can cause health problems to the baby

The Passive smoking poses less risk to the pregnant woman as smoking on its part. According to a study announced by Reuters, pregnant women who have to live or work in an environment with smokers are exposed to greater risk of stillbirth. Passive smoking, which are subjected to pregnant women at the same time increases […]

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What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy

Along with advancing age the risk of ectopic pregnancy increases. Ectopic pregnancy is considered an anomaly whereby, instead of the uterus, the fertilized egg attaches in the fallopian tubes, ovaries or within the abdominal cavity, but does not reach the uterus. In women over 35 years the risk increases significantly greater he is in those […]

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The caesarean section should be cause fear

When you hear that you will need to be delivered by cesarean, every pregnant woman for an instant tingle. However, this should be so – fear not the primary sense by which to proceed with the birth of your child set the pleasant sensation that soon will become a parent. It is important to know […]

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Losing weight during pregnancy

The weight loss during pregnancy poses no additional risks to the fetus, according to Swedish researchers who have dedicated their efforts to metamorphoses through which women in the 9 months to maintain pregnancy. According to their findings in women who are obviously overweight, the loss rather than weight gain during the pregnancy not dangerous, on […]

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Thyroid problems causing infertility

It is wrong notion that the nodes of the thyroid gland is only a cosmetic problem. The inflamed thyroid gland can cause serious diseases, including infertility, because this is a gland that is Đ¾pen to all processes that occur in the human body, firm specializing – endocrinologists, part of foundation of Society and Health. According […]

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Possible dangers after abortion

According to the statistics, every year in the world are carried out between 36 and 53 million abortions. This means that every fourth pregnancy ends not with birth but with artificial interruption. Practically 90% of women at least once in their lifetime have had an abortion. What dangers bears abortion? It’s not about the psychological […]

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Pregnancy and diabetes

In the recent years, statistics on births by women with diabetes shows that increased cases in which diabetic children born perfectly healthy. It is important before deciding he wanted to become a parent woman who suffers from diabetes, to examine the risks for her and the fetus during pregnancy. The biggest risk that could lead […]

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Fitness and pregnancy are compatible

According to the obstetricians, if pregnancy proceeds normally, the mother not only can, but it is advisable to engage in fitness and training must be tailored to the quarters where she is. It is particularly important to monitor the reactions of the body of any load and not too much effort. The training must first […]

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Massage during pregnancy

During the pregnancy a woman’s body goes through numerous tests that are equally stressful for both physics and the spirit. That is why massage is among the most relaxing therapies, because equally positive influence on both the physical discomfort of the mother and of her mental peace. The basic rule for massage during pregnancy is […]

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