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BabyNo parent who even do not thinkg on this issue. Some months arguing among other studies do with the importance of different names, third know how to say their child before he planned.
There is no dispute that the choice of name for our future successor is not nothing easy. However, the name is part of life, and some exercises name and determine the destiny – a disputed fact which however proved how important the choice of giving a name.
Accurate advice about your child baptized can never be given. The former Bulgarian tradition I name the child of one of the grandmothers or grandfathers is beautiful but not safe. Many of you have already convinced how disputes and angry faces you may bring that. One grandmother is never more important than the other or less grandmother. Therefore, if “adversely affected”, even if you say internally will feel betrayed.
Some young couples decide to make a compilation of different names grandparents. The result obtained names that do not sound good and even fetched. Some of them are successful, but it is difficult to cover the four names of grandparents, so too has risks.
Other parents decided that the child will say the name of the father or mother. Such a choice can make a child now grown to feel reliant and always in the shadow of Mom or Dad, especially if a child of parents succeeded. Interesting way, if you keep the name of your child like you, is to change one letter that is similar but also different. For example: Maya – Miya, Maria – Mariah, Yana – Anna, Eva – Emma …

Especially modern practice children were baptized foreign characters from movies or books. If so keep it, do it, but try to stay within permissible. Names like Esmeralda, Hercules, Zhosefina, Jonathan Simon, along with a Bulgarian family will make your child suffered light smile on the faces of people when I met them, even cruel roasting children.

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