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CoitusCoitus is the Latin word for sexual intercourse necessary for conception. The best time to fertilize is up to 12 hours after the onset of ovulation (releasing an egg). There are various methods for determining ovulation. During sexual intercourse the male sexual organ is obtained discharge of sperm into the vagina of the woman. When a woman during excitation is obtained cutting the walls of the uterus. As a result opens the cervix, where vaginal mucous plug falls. After the act, it retracts into the uterus and thus inserted into the uterus sperm become trapped in it. Then the sperm are moving independently through the undulating movements of their nipped tails. If the egg, the Silyan sperm inseminated in January. In women at first sex is torn membrane called the hymen, which separates the orifice of the vagina from the vagina. This process is accompanied by less bleeding and discomfort. Healing period is 7-10 days and during this period are not recommended for other contacts.

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