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Depression during pregnancy

Pregnant WomenFrom every 10 pregnant women, one or two had first stage depression. Women, who had been in depression are affraid more. The depression is serious medicine codition. It is risk for the woman and her baby. Much possible are series of treatments. They iclude – searching for decisions, psychoterapy, supporting groups, different terapies and medicines.
The best team from specialist, who are treating the pregnant woman should include doctor looking for the pregnancy, doctor of psychoterapy and doctor caring for the baby after parturition.
Together – the team and woman, should solve many problem about the best for her and her baby. The team may think about psychoterapy, and also to decide about her need of terapy and medical treatment.
Quite often the pregnant woman is affraid even the drung will not hurt the baby or her. There are no simple answers to that question. Each woman and her doctor, should work together, to make the best choise for her and her child. The medicines, used for treating of depression have as risks as possitive effect.

What in fact is your depression?
Doctor pregnancyThe depression is condition, which is reflecting to the body, mood and thinks of the person. It reflects to the way of loooking over the things of one woman and the way she sees the worlds around. There are two kinds of depression – heavy and light.
The heavy depression is a serious sickness and carries broken ability for studying, sleeping, eating and also many other favourite actions for every person. Such kind of depression may come to everyone, and may be once in your life, but quite often is not only one time.
Light depression (Dismission) is weaker condition of the depression. People, with this sickness have some symptoms, avoiting to feel absolutely adequate, without breaking of their usual activity. Some people with ligh depression may have sometimes a hard depression, but just fome a little time.
The depression is a great problem for one woman while she is pregnant. There are risks of losing of weight, using of medicines and alcohol or even harder actions. Mothers with depression are often not enough good with caring for their children.

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