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Ethical Toys to Amuse Your Children

Young motherMany parents are concerned about the environment and wish to buy eco friendly, ethical toys for their tots and toddlers. Finely crafted wooden toys appeal to the environmentally minded parent, who invest in these long-lasting, durable creations. A wide variety of fine wooden toys for all ages of kids, from babies to later childhood, are available to keep your children entertained for years. Creative playtime with wooden toys keeps kids busy and happy, while the toys encourage motor skill development, both gross and fine. Wooden board games and puzzles encourage thinking and analytic skills. Alphabet and number blocks teach the kids new letters and numbers while they play. Parents who play with their children can teach them essential information as they do jigsaw puzzles or play board games together.
Toys for babies enhance their ability to communicate. Babies learn through their five senses and wooden toys that stimulate their senses provide a vehicle for learning. Mobiles, rattles and wooden toys meant to be sucked or chewed are great when baby is teething. Parents who buy toys for babies and toddlers know that wooden toys are nearly indestructible and they last a long time. Ethical eco friendly wooden toys for toddlers include pull along toys, baby walkers and carts. These toys give children stability and balance when they are first learning to walk. Children love the challenge of learning to walk, and giving them a wooden toy that helps them in this essential task will help them develop their motor skills. A toddler’s wooden toys are are strong enough to endure a toddler’s rough handling.

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