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Factors affecting fertility

Woman fertilityAccording to recent studies, a lot of men are more affected than women with fertility problems. They are due to stress and environmental factors and health. The main problem, which is responsible for male fertility problems is the insufficient availability of rapid sperm in the semen. These are sperm that swim well and have enough energy to reach the egg, penetrate it and fertilize it. This motility is determined by several factors:
– Poorly shaped sperm – as if the sperm is incorrect, this will impair their ability to move.
– Diseases of the seminal ducts for various reasons – such as varicose veins, diseases, sexually transmitted and other.
– Smoking, excessive alcohol and some drugs.
– The way of eating – take vitamin E and C have better quality sperm.
The most common problems negatively influencing female fertility is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance leads to disturbances in the menstrual cycle – irregular cycle, cycles of varying lengths, lack of cycle. In such problems compromising the process of ovulation.
Another factor is the age and consequent “stock” of eggs. Women aged 20-25 years are twice as likely to conceive than women at the end of the ’30s. This occurs because women are born with a certain number of eggs that decrease with each cycle. Moreover, the “older” is the egg, the more it reduces the quality and hence the possibility of fertilization.
Another problem is cystitis – in this disease much more difficult to separate an egg. Syndromes: increased body hair, weight gain, acne.
Blocked fallopian tubes also violate fertility as the egg can not enter the uterus and be fertilized accordingly.

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