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Fish food decrease the risk of alergies

Fish FoodThe children began to eat fish during their first year are less prone to allergies than those in whose feeding were not included fish dishes, according to a new study. Swedish researchers studied 3000 children aged 4 years and found that those who ate fish less than 12 months, get sick less often from bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and dermatitis. It is possible that the use of fish and reduce the risk of allergy are not directly related, but the survey results coincide with the data that omega-3 unsaturated acids contribute to the proper development of the immune system. The low level of sensitization was observed in children of mothers who received during pregnancy fish oil capsules. The pediatricians usually recommend that after 6 months in the menu of the child to gradually introduce solid foods. Some experts, however, advised not to give fish to children whose parents suffer from allergies. In Sweden, these recommendations were repealed in 2003. So far medicine has insufficient data to establish a special children’s diet prevents allergies, but suggest that decreased tendency to allergy in children can be achieved if the mother, while still bears fruit consumed foods with higher content of unsaturated fatty acids.

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