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Pregnancy womanAssociated with the increased pregnancy weight requires compliance with at least a few simple rules to prevent. The daily walking to the shops and housework almost always remain the responsibility of mothers, but in any case they should not be overwhelmed because during pregnancy the heart and lungs have a “double burden” that can lead to shortness of breath and other more serious consequences unpleasant. Of course care to family not threaten the health of mother and child, but weight gain woman ought to learn to move with minimal loss of strength and energy. If your pregnancy has no complications and are satisfied with the strength and energy, learn to move correctly. But if there is the slightest threat of miscarriage or stillbirth, you need complete rest and foremost bed mode. In this case, forget about all your other commitments and only think of the child.
1. How to bend properly
After 6 months the child outweighs the weight on the spine and causing bad back pain. Avoid any movements that force you to bend – in this case the load on the spine increases twice. If you must lift something from the floor, leaning forward, gently bend your legs on them and redistribute the weight of your body. Use this situation and if you need to wash or bath to fix the low bed.
2. How to stand up properly
The mother sleeps most comfortably in one hand. But for even distribution of weight is desirable to place between his knees a small pillow. Suffering from pain in the kidneys, can put a pillow under the country on which they sleep, not to distort his back. Get out of bed with a slow and gradual movement that does not strain the muscles of the abdominal cavity. If you lie on your back before you become a contact of a country by issuing shoulders slightly forward and knees collapse. Then lean on his elbow and bend your legs to bring them to bed and sit.
3. How to stand correctly
If a pregnant woman is forced to stand for long periods, it contributes to obesity blood and fluid in the legs, which causes swelling and varicose expansion of veins. Expectant mother should periodically to rest and sit on a chair by placing your feet on another chair below. Thus, circulation is improved, and back relax. If you can not sit down, find the most convenient for you posture and exercise regularly muscles – Bend your toes and then relax them, stand on my toes and move your weight from one foot to the other.
4. How to sit down properly
When you sit, you should rest against the back of his chair back and, if necessary, you can put a small pillow at the level of the kidneys. If you work sitting down, it is occasionally interrupting work and walk. Walking improves circulation and prevents hemorrhoids.
5. How to walk properly
A pregnant woman has her regular walks. They tone the muscles of the legs, preventing the formation of varicose veins, strengthen the muscles of the abdominal cavity. If you get tired, sit on the nearest bench and rest 5-10 minutes. If you are unable to walk in the park, choose a street with less traffic to avoid breathing polluted air. You can walk upright with shoulders relaxed slightly. To choose your walking shoes and low-power platform.

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