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How to choose the best toys for your kid

ChildThe kids today might not be grown easily, but at least in terms of toys have an advantage over previous generations – great choice. But how to orient it and to select precisely appropriate for their age!? Experts recommend several didactic toys with different action games programmed into their design. They are not only attractive to the child, but also develop important skills in it.
• Toys strung (cubes, hemispheres, balls, etc.) that are strung some basis and is usually placed over the cot or pram.
• Toys for rolling, which are of varying size and shape.
• Toys, which consist of various geometric shapes (cubes, cones, cylinders) of different colors, shapes and sizes that are arranged differently.
• Dismantling be toys that are designed to develop the skill of the child to connect or divide two or more parts of homogeneous objects.
• plot toys with small size (4-10 cm): dolls, trucks, fruits and vegetables, animals, and also articles, selected a certain sign.

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