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How to Get Started with Fostering

Pregnant WomanWhen the decision is made to apply to a fostering agency as a carer, applicants will choose from the many agencies that the foster care UK offers. Some of the agencies will let the prospective foster carer sign up on line and if they are recruiting applicants you will be contacted. If the applicant is also interested in adoption, registration for both can be done at the same time.
A social worker is assigned after the application to foster is submitted, and an assessment will be done. The report will be sent to a fostering panel, which will recommend the suitability of the applicant as a carer. The decision of the fostering service as to whether to approve the application usually takes about six months, but in some cases it may take longer.
The fostering agency will provide applicants with helpful information about fostering in the local area as well as information on working with the agency or social services department.
Training is available for people who are considering getting started in fostering. These introductory courses teach what is involved in providing foster care. The information gained from this valuable service helps the person who is considering becoming a carer decide what type of fostering they are most interested in as well as the “types” of children that they want to bring into the home and care for.
The decision to share a home with a child who needs short or long term care should be made with care. The fostering agency will be able to answer questions to help guide the decision making process.

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