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How to increase the immune system of the child

Kids AppleThe immune system of the children need serious help. The main prerequisite for getting sick children from many infectious diseases is the fact that their immune system is not yet fully developed. As a rule, the task of the constituent cells, tissues and organs is to protect the body against attacks of various pathogenic microorganisms. But how do we as parents can help the immune defense system of the child, thereby reducing the likelihood of illness or help to a recent reorganization.
Find the next few tips in that direction:
• it is important that at least the first few months after the baby is born it should be breastfed because mother’s milk contains antibodies naturally support the immune system;
• Another important rule is the menu your child to attend consistently fruits and vegetables because they contain both vitamins and minerals and natural antioxidants. Particularly suitable are strawberries, blueberries, and vegetables of broccoli, potatoes.
• It is also the occasional child to have dirty. Dust and dirt in moderate amounts stimulate the immune system and assist in rapid maturation. At the same time that excessive hygiene can lead to the development of various diseases at a later stage.
• reduce the amount of consumed sweets from your child because they contain sugar slows the immune system;
• Create a habit in your child to sport and eating. Neither too weak nor obesity is a prerequisite for a healthy child.

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