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How to react, when the baby has a temperature

Baby temperatureThe baby wakes up crying, is warm to the touch, lands his temperature and it turns out that 39.5! No parent should not be embarrassed in such a case, but not to react too emotionally. For starters everyone should be aware that by itself fever is not dangerous for the baby and should not be seen as a sign of serious illness. The temperature is inherently a natural reaction of the body to place it in inflammatory processes. It should be noted that between 36 and 37.2 degrees baby’s temperature is considered normal, is slightly increased when up to 38.3 to 38.4 is considered to be seriously increased, as is determined that high, reaching 39.8 degrees. Not in the first indications of temperature increase parents to rush to treat her child – a slight fever and body temps helps to cope with rapid infection.
The most common causes of fever are:
– The development of viral infections – infections such as rubella, chickenpox, mumps, etc.., Hurts the namely children, are not dangerous and are rarely treated with antibiotics;
– Bacterial infection – such as sinusitis and pneumonia require the use of antibiotics, so their treatment should be done under medical supervision;
– Teeth – teeth drilling can also cause a fever.

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