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In vitro fertilization

InvitroIn vitro fertilization takes place outside the mother’s body. If clogged pipes due to frequent infections, or surgical removed due to ectopic pregnancy tubes, ova and sperm can not meet, but can be placed in contact in any way. The resulting germ cells from several place in the mother’s uterus, where it continues its development. Stimulate the growth of several follicles, massive injections of hormones cause ovulation. By puncture the eggs are retrieved from the already mature follicles, either by laparoscopy or through ultrasound. A father’s sperm is collected through masturbation. Subjected to special treatment as a result of which are capable of fertilization. A large number of eggs and between 50 and 100 000 sperm in a test tube with a suitable environment. Tube kept in a sterile chamber. Given that all the eggs have reached the optimum stage of maturity, about 70% of them are capable of being fertilized. After 48 hours processing one fetus, most composed of 4 to 8 cells, was transferred to the mother. For this purpose it is placed in a narrow tube of transparent synthetic material, with which is introduced into the uterus. Provided that everything is done correctly, the fetus will be nested firmly in the lining of the uterus. The process of egg development is monitored by periodically measuring hormone levels. When the embryo starts to grow, its development is monitored using ultrasound. Once the mother enters the third month, can certainly say that the fetus will be worn completely. In practice, the successes are quite modest, as only 10-15% of implanted embryos develop successfully and come to term. To increase the chances of success can be made several fetuses, but usually no more than 3-4, because of the risk of multiple pregnancy.
To avoid the delicate operation of ovarian stimulation and collection of ova, embryos can be conceived “in vitro”. They are frozen and stored in case of failure of any new implantation.

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