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Is the longevity inherited

DNAMany scientists are actively engaged in research to identify the factors contributing to longevity. Basic targeting cells and 46 chromosomes comprising the human genome. For many years he was considered a determining factor in all aspects: predisposition to disease, character, preferences and even longevity. In recent years more and more data show that heredity can have a far smaller role in longevity than previously thought. For example, 2006 study of American scientists quoted by The New York Times “(New York Times), it is not uncommon for twins who have always lived together, one can enjoy wonderful health until late old age while the other has life-threatening health problems. Some time ago I still thought that because of their genetics, some people may life to eat whatever they want to drink, smoke and still live as long as the others. But today it is customary to think that longevity is determined by environment, nutrition, physical activity and medical care. Yet some innate predisposition to longevity there – some members of individual families are distinguished by an impressive longevity, but more and more evidence shows that they are quite a bit.
James Vopel of the Max Planck Institute (Germany) stressed that “longevity defines the human physique, but not the duration of his life.” Kaare Christensen and her colleagues who have studied the genome of 20 000 twins for the period from 1966 to 2006, living in Finland, Norway and Sweden, also summarized that the genome is clearly not a determinant of longevity.

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