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Pregnant womanEvery woman is born with a limited number of eggs, so if you damage it reduces the chances to become pregnant and to enjoy a normal pregnancy, clearly states the opinion of specialists in reproductive medicine. The same goes for each of the other parts of the reproductive system in your body – the fallopian tubes, cervix and uterus. You will ensure the following things to chance and won the right to easily time after conception.
The evidence suggests that the hormone estrogen – in addition responsible for the proper functioning of your menstrual cycle – it is stored in fat cells. So, if your body does not have enough of them – whether it results from systematic malnutrition or intensive workouts, your future pregnancy may be endangered. Ideally a woman should have 22-25% body fat. When this figure drops below 19% is likely to disturb and even interruptions in menstrual flow, experts warn. In most cases the decision for these women is simple – all you need to do is upload a few pounds. If you’re hungry persistently painful condition of weakness or have trained so manic that in either case, your period has stopped, then the situation is more complex, so consult a specialist.
On the other hand, obesity can also prove an obstacle to become pregnant. The body of women who weigh 20 percent or more over the recommended weight for their height, can begin to produce too much estrogen and too much of the male hormone androgen, which is able to cause infertility. This type is completely correctable infertility theory – you only need to reduce excess weight, but we all know how difficult it can be in practice. Therefore, if you grow 10 or more unnecessary kilograms and want to conceive of now start using some sensible weight loss program.
Does not sound very nice, but a fact – one of the biggest risks infertility disease has no symptoms. This refers to inflammation of the vagina, which can lead to many problems. According to experts in Bulgaria 35% of women suffer from damage to the fallopian tubes as well as inflammation of the vagina. How to get there? Vaginal inflammation caused by infections, sexually transmitted, which is easily treated but can be followed by complications, if not intercepted in time. So practicing safe sex is very important to prevent infections, but the best way is regularly to visit their gynecologist like that, just in case.
If you feel that you are at the end of the forces and his nerves and insomnia is your companion or have problems with the granting, without wasting time to explain what the problem lies. It has been shown that a strong stress can stop menstruation. And wet professionals do not understand exactly how it works, they believe that the phenomenon is related to the work of the hypothalamus – the gland, both controlled chemical reactions in the body against stress and his sex hormones. If the result of stress and the body too nervous going out of business, this may affect the production of these hormones. Before you reach the moment of conception, should learn to deal with negative influence. You can try yoga, exercise, deep breathing, relaxing, or just do something that will bring you pleasure.

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