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pregnancy LingerieIf you’re on your way to deliver a baby or in the midst of frustrating feeding sessions, fear not for is here to your rescue. With a goal to cater to the needs of a nursing mother in search of a firm bra which fits like a glove and accommodates for an increasing cup size, Lorna Drew considers the challenged faced by women who love to dress according to the occasion. They provide uncompromised quality and style which suits the fashion palate of the bold and the beautiful in terms of providing superior comfort and healthy cum safer methods of breast feeding.
One of the unique facts about their patterns is the fact that they can fit exactly avoiding baggy look and bust overspill, infections and feeding related conditions, all of which are characteristics of ill-fitting lingerie. Unlike the normal type of lingerie, nursing lingerie has to be very comfortable and they are supposed to wear the regular ones as they apply pressure on the breast tissue giving rise to a plethora of infections and clinical conditions. Lorna Drew creations address all these problems and provide the right kind of solutions, thereby making it easy for both the mother and the nursing baby. You can wear these under your normal clothes or your favourites and avoid embarrassing situations like leaking nipples and awkward feeding sessions. A wide variety of patterns are outlines available in all colours and designs which make the new mum look as sensuous as she was before her baby’s arrival.

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