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Massage during pregnancy

Pregnancy massageThe pregnancy is a very important period of life of the mother, father and the baby. During this period the female body changes dramatically its shape and weight and can also be a period of emotional stress. Most of the weight is added to the abdomen, which is loaded with many spine. The pregnancy massage therapy, can help in dealing with these tensions in a very pleasant way. The massaging of a pregnant woman should focus on the future needs of its mother. During pregnancy a woman’s body changes its shape and size. Most weight is added to the abdomen, which is loaded with many spine. This causes a distorted posture and pain. Besides taking care of emotional balance and helps to relieve tension in the joints, aching neck and back pain, a good massage leads to maintaining correct posture, relaxation and flexibility. Through massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic system, which helps the blood to move freely to the mother and the baby and reduces fatigue. Stimulate Different glands in the body and thus stabilize hormone levels and calms nervous tension in the body. The fruit may also have warm and loving touches before he or she is born. Massage oils containing nutrients improves skin elasticity in the abdomen. Has been shown to calm her mother is more likely to have healthy and happy pregnancy and easier birth.

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