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Medical threatment during birth decrease the monther instinct

PregnancyThe women, who born children through caesarean section, more difficult to establish a primary connection with the infant, and respond to its needs. This is the opinion of researchers from the University of Yale in the U.S. under the leadership of James Swain, published in the new issue Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. As is known, signals of impending birth, are under the influence of the hormone oxytocin. He is responsible for the formation of maternal behavior and mood of women after childbirth. The computer scan carried out by American experts, shows that the level of oxytocin is significantly different in women who have given birth naturally and those where it was made caesarean section. According to Prof. James Uoker (James Walker) from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, RCOG in Britain, such a dependency is set relatively long, but the problems may be associated with complications during childbirth operation rather than herself. In the opinion of specialists from the World Health Organization (WHO) the number of Caesarean sections in the countries of Europe and North America, should not exceed 10-15%, while it is now about 25%. The reason they say is that this way of birth is often chosen by the mothers themselves, and like any surgery, it has side effects.
According to Dr. Mette Christophersen Tollanes from the Universitetet i Bergen, Norway, scheduled cesarean increases the risk of asthma by 40%, which can be explained by the fact that a natural birth it is when the child’s lungs are fully developed, and the fruit itself has signaled that it is ready to exist independently. For elective cesarean delivery when to become is determined by the period of formal wear and not to the degree of development of the child

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