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The blackberries are required for the pregnant women during the summer

blackberryTaking folic acid is required for all expectant mothers, because thus preventing problems in fetal development. That is why summer is important the pregnant woman to obtain the acid, and naturally, and what more suitable and tasty way of blackberries. Besides being a source of folic acid, and blackberries are known for the variety of nutrients that the body wear. For starters berries are a source of large quantities of vitamin C, which in turn supports the immune system and regulate blood pressure. The high fiber content – in a handful of blackberries has about 8 grams of fiber – assist the intestines and digestive system as a whole, while maintaining the levels of harmful cholesterol in the acceptable size and weight – the norm. The tannin contained in the fruit helps the contraction of blood vessels due to an injury that blackberries are the perfect tool to reduce bleeding. In folk medicine it is a traditional approach for treating wounds. The blueberries are good for eyes. Contained in fetal Lutein protects the eye and in particular the retina from the harmful effects of radiation from the sun, and manganese, which is also rich fruit, contributes to the formation of scar tissue, which is a prerequisite for building a solid and healthy bones and structure.

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Factors affecting fertility

Woman fertilityAccording to recent studies, a lot of men are more affected than women with fertility problems. They are due to stress and environmental factors and health. The main problem, which is responsible for male fertility problems is the insufficient availability of rapid sperm in the semen. These are sperm that swim well and have enough energy to reach the egg, penetrate it and fertilize it. This motility is determined by several factors:
– Poorly shaped sperm – as if the sperm is incorrect, this will impair their ability to move.
– Diseases of the seminal ducts for various reasons – such as varicose veins, diseases, sexually transmitted and other.
– Smoking, excessive alcohol and some drugs.
– The way of eating – take vitamin E and C have better quality sperm.
The most common problems negatively influencing female fertility is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance leads to disturbances in the menstrual cycle – irregular cycle, cycles of varying lengths, lack of cycle. In such problems compromising the process of ovulation.

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CoitusCoitus is the Latin word for sexual intercourse necessary for conception. The best time to fertilize is up to 12 hours after the onset of ovulation (releasing an egg). There are various methods for determining ovulation. During sexual intercourse the male sexual organ is obtained discharge of sperm into the vagina of the woman. When a woman during excitation is obtained cutting the walls of the uterus. As a result opens the cervix, where vaginal mucous plug falls. After the act, it retracts into the uterus and thus inserted into the uterus sperm become trapped in it. Then the sperm are moving independently through the undulating movements of their nipped tails. If the egg, the Silyan sperm inseminated in January. In women at first sex is torn membrane called the hymen, which separates the orifice of the vagina from the vagina. This process is accompanied by less bleeding and discomfort. Healing period is 7-10 days and during this period are not recommended for other contacts.

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Methods for treatment of the infertility

Mom BabyOver the years, different methods are used to treat infertility. Used different drugs and devices has resorted to magic and divine intervention. Some of these methods have a result that is due to the already self-suggestion of the patients. In most cases, the inability to conceive a psychological reasons – for example, internal dissatisfaction and disapproval of his own personality underestimation. In this case it is necessary to imply that although some shortcomings still have many more positive qualities. Many people use in such cases, autogenous training, which helps to reduce negative emotions. Most importantly, be more to love, together with all its advantages and disadvantages. Using visual examples may also help. It is several times a day to relax and to perceptions that in you grow and develop baby. Evaluate your feelings and emotions that you feel. It is necessary to seek to experience more often these emotions – this will help fort overcome psychological barriers. The good effect to reduce the psychological stress can reach by means of autosuggestion. It is only necessary to relax and repeater phrase several times, to help adjust your body for pregnancy.

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What is the infertility?

infertilityThe infertility is not a disease – it is a consequence of a breach in the body. May be due to improper development or disease of the reproductive system of one of the partners, endocrine disease, mental or neurological disease. The infertility is a problem of both sexes, so it is incorrect to say that the inability to conceive is the only woman. According to the statistics the infertility in women and men is virtually identical. Sometimes the cause is and sexual incompatibility, so it is sometimes enough to change the partner and children to come. Experts advise when doing research for infertility, such be subjected to both partners to be able to find the cause of infertility and to rectify the problem (if possible) early on. For infertile couples are considered one in which several years of regular intercourse without using contraception, a woman is not pregnant. According to research, even if it does not cause infertility, though some couples do not get to have kids. It is possible to cause the case to be a purely psychological: fear of such great responsibility for the child. Strange as it sounds, excessive desire for cost each child plays the role of psychological factors refrain. Such problems can be solved with the help of a psychologist. Recent years have found a cure for almost all cases of infertility and help doctors in about 90% of cases.

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Live healthy if you want to get pregnant

Pregnant womanEvery woman is born with a limited number of eggs, so if you damage it reduces the chances to become pregnant and to enjoy a normal pregnancy, clearly states the opinion of specialists in reproductive medicine. The same goes for each of the other parts of the reproductive system in your body – the fallopian tubes, cervix and uterus. You will ensure the following things to chance and won the right to easily time after conception.
The evidence suggests that the hormone estrogen – in addition responsible for the proper functioning of your menstrual cycle – it is stored in fat cells. So, if your body does not have enough of them – whether it results from systematic malnutrition or intensive workouts, your future pregnancy may be endangered. Ideally a woman should have 22-25% body fat. When this figure drops below 19% is likely to disturb and even interruptions in menstrual flow, experts warn. In most cases the decision for these women is simple – all you need to do is upload a few pounds. If you’re hungry persistently painful condition of weakness or have trained so manic that in either case, your period has stopped, then the situation is more complex, so consult a specialist.
On the other hand, obesity can also prove an obstacle to become pregnant. The body of women who weigh 20 percent or more over the recommended weight for their height, can begin to produce too much estrogen and too much of the male hormone androgen, which is able to cause infertility. This type is completely correctable infertility theory – you only need to reduce excess weight, but we all know how difficult it can be in practice. Therefore, if you grow 10 or more unnecessary kilograms and want to conceive of now start using some sensible weight loss program.

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In vitro fertilization

InvitroIn vitro fertilization takes place outside the mother’s body. If clogged pipes due to frequent infections, or surgical removed due to ectopic pregnancy tubes, ova and sperm can not meet, but can be placed in contact in any way. The resulting germ cells from several place in the mother’s uterus, where it continues its development. Stimulate the growth of several follicles, massive injections of hormones cause ovulation. By puncture the eggs are retrieved from the already mature follicles, either by laparoscopy or through ultrasound. A father’s sperm is collected through masturbation. Subjected to special treatment as a result of which are capable of fertilization. A large number of eggs and between 50 and 100 000 sperm in a test tube with a suitable environment. Tube kept in a sterile chamber. Given that all the eggs have reached the optimum stage of maturity, about 70% of them are capable of being fertilized. After 48 hours processing one fetus, most composed of 4 to 8 cells, was transferred to the mother. For this purpose it is placed in a narrow tube of transparent synthetic material, with which is introduced into the uterus. Provided that everything is done correctly, the fetus will be nested firmly in the lining of the uterus. The process of egg development is monitored by periodically measuring hormone levels. When the embryo starts to grow, its development is monitored using ultrasound. Once the mother enters the third month, can certainly say that the fetus will be worn completely. In practice, the successes are quite modest, as only 10-15% of implanted embryos develop successfully and come to term. To increase the chances of success can be made several fetuses, but usually no more than 3-4, because of the risk of multiple pregnancy.

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The sport before pregnancy

Sport pregnancyDo you plan to become pregnant? This is the perfect time for my exercise program to be your body in shape. Exercise will tone and strengthen your muscles to be in the condition your body. If you start from now, you’ll be in better shape to cope with the challenges of future pregnancy and baby wear. Choose a sport that will be enjoyable and that you will feel invigorated. Avoid sports, which will feel stress and muscle pain. Start doing exercises in a slow pace, gradually accelerating rate of loading. Ask your partner to massage your body, so will feel toned and unloading. Keep your energy level by eating right and healthy, and spend more time sleeping. Practice a variety of sports to not be bored. Choose exercises that are comfortable and fit your lifestyle. Avoid stress. Forget about elevators and escalators, you very well affect climbing stairs. Walks during their lunch break. Do not sit too long in one place in the office, move more. Spend more time walking or cycling. Do not move permanently to your car, spend more time walking. If you have a dog walk him more often. Rediscover some hobbies since childhood – bowling, billiards, riding roller skating, jumping rope, swimming, skiing. Listen to your favorite music while exercising. Make fun of the sport in which you will feel better. Step by step you will improve your lifestyle and reach your desired goal, namely the joy of becoming a mother

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Are you ready to have a baby

PregnancyBeing a parent is great, but this is a great responsibility. Before you get pregnant you think of the emotions that you experience and ask yourself questions about your future lifestyle when you become a parent. For you and your partner is important to clarify some of the major issues to discuss their different opinions before you decide to become pregnant. What you can do is ask yourself the following questions:
Why do you want to have a baby? Your partner, parent or anyone else pressuring you to have a child?
How the child will affect your relationship with your partner? They are you ready to become parents?
If you have a relationship, are you prepared to raise a child alone? Who will help?
How your baby will affect your future educational or business plans?
You and your partner have any religious or ethnic differences? Discuss how you will find harmony between these differences and how they can affect your child?

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Weight gain during pregnancy

Pregnant woman eatThe weight and the pregnancy are two themes that go hand in hand. No mother should not think that the emergence of the new man will lead her to save plenty of pleasant emotions, but also changes in appearance, sometimes irreversible. But uploaded weight should not turn into obsession or a pregnant woman, rather they should be viewed as a landmark – the recommended amounts of weight allowed for upload must guide the mother at least in general terms but should not be forget that everything is individual and depends on the openness of the future mother to gain, and the specific pregnancy and how it goes.
These are but a few basic tips that you should be followed:
– Not to eat as two – this outdated view of the grandparents is just an excuse to overeat pregnant women, with reassuring that during pregnancy and everything is permitted it in unlimited quantities. If a pregnant woman was with a normal body composition before pregnancy, it is advisable to consume about 300 calories more than usual and contains a menu.

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