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How to react, when the baby has a temperature

Baby temperatureThe baby wakes up crying, is warm to the touch, lands his temperature and it turns out that 39.5! No parent should not be embarrassed in such a case, but not to react too emotionally. For starters everyone should be aware that by itself fever is not dangerous for the baby and should not be seen as a sign of serious illness. The temperature is inherently a natural reaction of the body to place it in inflammatory processes. It should be noted that between 36 and 37.2 degrees baby’s temperature is considered normal, is slightly increased when up to 38.3 to 38.4 is considered to be seriously increased, as is determined that high, reaching 39.8 degrees. Not in the first indications of temperature increase parents to rush to treat her child – a slight fever and body temps helps to cope with rapid infection.
The most common causes of fever are:
– The development of viral infections – infections such as rubella, chickenpox, mumps, etc.., Hurts the namely children, are not dangerous and are rarely treated with antibiotics;

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How to increase the immune system of the child

Kids AppleThe immune system of the children need serious help. The main prerequisite for getting sick children from many infectious diseases is the fact that their immune system is not yet fully developed. As a rule, the task of the constituent cells, tissues and organs is to protect the body against attacks of various pathogenic microorganisms. But how do we as parents can help the immune defense system of the child, thereby reducing the likelihood of illness or help to a recent reorganization.
Find the next few tips in that direction:
• it is important that at least the first few months after the baby is born it should be breastfed because mother’s milk contains antibodies naturally support the immune system;
• Another important rule is the menu your child to attend consistently fruits and vegetables because they contain both vitamins and minerals and natural antioxidants. Particularly suitable are strawberries, blueberries, and vegetables of broccoli, potatoes.
• It is also the occasional child to have dirty. Dust and dirt in moderate amounts stimulate the immune system and assist in rapid maturation. At the same time that excessive hygiene can lead to the development of various diseases at a later stage.
• reduce the amount of consumed sweets from your child because they contain sugar slows the immune system;
• Create a habit in your child to sport and eating. Neither too weak nor obesity is a prerequisite for a healthy child.

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The childer also are having stress

Baby giftThe children in one degree or another, also suffer from the harmful effects of stress, but specific to them is that sometimes the state takes different forms and manifestations, which often do not pay attention. In some cases it is extremely difficult to know when stress is struck child. It is very close look at certain signs, patterns, gestures and even emotions, which can reveal what happens to the little man. The most common symptoms of stress in children still out mood swings, change in hours during which the child normally sleeps and cannot sleep, release during sleep and lack of desire to play and communicate with peers. In some small stress occurs in the form of acute abdominal pain or undue headaches. In other – there are problems in concentration, remembering, learning lessons, and a willingness to spend most of their time alone, without doing anything concrete. When a child who is knocking stress is less likely to occur to him some unusual habits, as they roll around and snivel when the child is not a cold, even sucking the thumb picks his nose and some researchers child psychology perceived negative impact of stress. So if you have even the smallest doubt that your child is anxious, ask its due attention.

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An apple daily during pregnancy

Apple pregnancyThe pregnant women who eat apples regularly, thereby reducing the risk in future child to experience various allergies and asthma, the results of a study. The American immunologists from the hospital “Saint John” in the Detroit Medical Center hospital and “Beaumont” analyzed data on more than a thousand children aged 5 and nutrition of their mothers during pregnancy. The children of mothers who every day during their pregnancy are at least eat an apple, 37% suffer less from allergies and 46% less frequently develop asthma, according to experts quoted by Reuters. The positive effect of apples they explain the properties of flavonoids and other antioxidants in these fruits. An apple a day is sufficient to achieve a strong protective effect. The doctors have also found that the use during pregnancy of fish (at least once a week) did decrease by at least 43 percent risk of eczema and dermatitis – the most common allergic skin reactions in infants. The experts advise pregnant women must adhere to a balanced diet consisting of large amounts of fruits and vegetables and avoid overeating with nuts (especially peanuts), which are able to provoke allergic symptoms in children

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The parents are living more than other people

ParentThe children make their parents life more diverse, sometimes chaotic and tense. But despite all the difficulties and the many obligations, the presence of children extends the life of the parents. Mothers have lower rates (including certain cancers) compared with childless women and men with children live twice as long – the risk of premature death among them is 35% lower than their childless peers, reported American Journal of Epidemiology. Emily Grundyu Kravdal and Einstein, scientists from universities in London and Oslo have analyzed data on 1.5 million men and women aged 45 to 68, they have analyzed more than 60,000 deaths and are trying to establish a possible link between marital status and quantity of children on the one hand, on the other – to correlate with the duration of life for parents.
“The risk of death depends not only on the number of children”, said Kravdal. “It is important and education: the risk of death in people with higher education to 2 times lower than the parents of the same age, but secondary education”.
The mothers live longer than childless women on the one hand there are physiological reasons and previous studies. But on the other, on men and women with children and the influence of social factors: “Parents less risk than people without children. Moreover, the elderly so they receive adequate support from their children”, said Kravdal.

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AvitaminosisWhy are the vitamins so important? Many of them are essential nutrients for the metabolism of the human body. Each vitamin is important for health and development of various body systems. For example, vitamin C is important for healthy bones, tendons and skin, vitamin A – for eyes, and vitamin D is necessary for the formation and strengthening of bones. A deficiency of vitamins can lead to serious health consequences. 13 vitamins known to science belong to the so-called essential, ie vital to the human body function properly. These are vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B vitamins thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), biotin (H), pyridoxine (B6), vitamin B12 and folic acid (B5). These vitamins are divided into water-soluble vitamins we need daily – because they can be stored in sufficient quantities, and fat-soluble vitamins are stored in fatty tissues and liver.
Causes of deficiency of vitamins
Deficiencies of vitamins may be due to various reasons, but generally, it arises as a result of nutritional deficiencies. For example, insufficient consumption of citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables can lead to vitamin C deficiency in vegetarians and vegans who do not eat meat and dairy products may be a shortage of vitamin B12. Insufficient sunlight can lead to deficiency of vitamin D, because ultraviolet light is necessary for the production of this vitamin in the skin. Infants whose mothers are not well balanced diet, and those with medical conditions that undermine their ability to absorb nutrients in the stomach and intestines, also can develop vitamin deficiency.

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Health tips during pregnancy

Pregnancy womanAssociated with the increased pregnancy weight requires compliance with at least a few simple rules to prevent. The daily walking to the shops and housework almost always remain the responsibility of mothers, but in any case they should not be overwhelmed because during pregnancy the heart and lungs have a “double burden” that can lead to shortness of breath and other more serious consequences unpleasant. Of course care to family not threaten the health of mother and child, but weight gain woman ought to learn to move with minimal loss of strength and energy. If your pregnancy has no complications and are satisfied with the strength and energy, learn to move correctly. But if there is the slightest threat of miscarriage or stillbirth, you need complete rest and foremost bed mode. In this case, forget about all your other commitments and only think of the child.
1. How to bend properly
After 6 months the child outweighs the weight on the spine and causing bad back pain. Avoid any movements that force you to bend – in this case the load on the spine increases twice. If you must lift something from the floor, leaning forward, gently bend your legs on them and redistribute the weight of your body. Use this situation and if you need to wash or bath to fix the low bed.

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5 unpleasant surprises during pregnancy

PregnantDuring the nine months of pregnancy will be changes in your body that will make you often wonder what is normal and what is not, and whether you need to visit your gynecologist. If you are pregnant right now is the time to prepare for changes related to growth of the abdomen and many more changes that will make you feel almost like part of a scientific experiment. Refer to them without worries and with more understanding. We hope that we will assist you with the following ten possible unpleasant surprises during pregnancy and how to deal with them.
1. Vaginal discharge
Some women do not know when exactly are pregnant because they had “two menstrual periods” in a month. The cause of most cases of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is a settlement of a fertilized egg in the uterus, which, of course, is a normal process. However, you must report your complaints to your doctor, and he is obliged to appoint an ultrasound to make sure that the fetus is in utero, not in the fallopian tubes. If the flow during pregnancy is accompanied by pain or cramps in the abdomen, you should definitely visit a specialist, as this may be a symptom of more serious problem.

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The Passive smoking during pregnancy can cause health problems to the baby

Passive SmokingThe Passive smoking poses less risk to the pregnant woman as smoking on its part. According to a study announced by Reuters, pregnant women who have to live or work in an environment with smokers are exposed to greater risk of stillbirth. Passive smoking, which are subjected to pregnant women at the same time increases the risk of giving birth to children with low body weight, smaller head circumference and other low performance, writes, citing a source results held on territory of Canada study. When passive smoking every person including the pregnant woman consumes about 1% of smoke that normally absorbs that which is lit and smoked a cigarette. Although the case of Mr seemingly minimal, it is enough to harm the fetus in the womb and cause health problems if the baby still is born alive. The authors of that publication is essential to know the risks and dangers that passive smoking poses as future mothers and their relatives and families and all the other people who in one way or another in touch with a pregnant woman and which actions can have a negative effect on the health of the fetus.

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What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancyAlong with advancing age the risk of ectopic pregnancy increases. Ectopic pregnancy is considered an anomaly whereby, instead of the uterus, the fertilized egg attaches in the fallopian tubes, ovaries or within the abdominal cavity, but does not reach the uterus. In women over 35 years the risk increases significantly greater he is in those who suffer from various chronic inflammatory nature. Those who were treated by tube or hormonal infertility, there is also a risk of ectopic pregnancy. The congenital anomalies of the uterus and fallopian tubes is also considered a prerequisite for problem pregnancy, so at the first indication that fertilization has occurred, should be carried out all necessary EXT.
As the main causes of ectopic pregnancy is indicated as follows:
– Ectopic pregnancy occurs when fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube, but the germ can not reach the uterus;
– Fault is present and where there is obstruction of the fallopian tube problems, or to cut it;
– Inflammation in the genitals may also become a prerequisite for ectopic pregnancy;
– Congenital abnormality or immaturity of the uterine tube, and malignancy are also considered a risk factor.

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