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Pregnant womanIf you’re a first time mom, it is vital that you educate yourself adequately about the various things related to pregnancy, since it is helpful in beating and cracking many fears and myths. This is especially important since there are many old wives’ tales and myths which suppress the urge to believe what the doctor says and give unnecessary room for qualms and misgivings. You could either invest in some really useful material which takes you step-by-step through pregnancy like a mentor or you could indulge in the wealth of information provided on the web. Pregnancy Journal is one such site which provides A-Z information about pregnancy which includes articles related to myth cracking, baby development, food cravings and aversions, detailed weekly updates about each trimester of pregnancy.
One of the most useful aspects about this website is that it provides pregnancy ticker which enable you to keep track of your details. It also possesses standard data against which you can measure the baby’s height, weight and other details to beat those fears that your baby is above or below average in meeting milestones in terms of placental position and other miscellaneous sta. A detailed diet chart is also made available to ensure that you have the right kind of well-balance food, thereby safeguarding your heath and energy as there is an increased need to feed healthy diet to the growing foetus. It also has a separate section which includes reviews and expert advises from new mothers.

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