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Smoking women more often born girls

Smoking womanOver the last decade, more girls are born and partly the reason for this is the increased number of female smokers, according to Danish and Japanese sexologists. According to them, smoking after intimacy sharply reduces the possibility of future parents to conceive a son. The researchers surveyed the parents of nearly 12,000 infants and divided them into three groups: smokers, smoking 20 cigarettes a day and heavily addicted, smoking over 20 cigarettes. Particular attention was paid to the habit of smoking before and after intercourse. The smoking affects sperm cells, say scientists quoted by Reuters. Cells that carry Y-chromosome responsible for the birth of boys are more sensitive to changes in the body caused by smoking. The sperm cells with X chromosomes do not have such a high sensitivity. This means that men who want to have a male heir, should reduce the dose of nicotine before and after sexual intercourse or do not smoke. The survey results show that mothers who smoked during their pregnancy are born with a third fewer boys than mothers – non smokers. If reported health indicators and maternal age, it appears that if the father is a smoker, the chance that parents have a boy is almost half less. On the sex of future child affect and passive smoking, the researchers explain.

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