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Some myths about the purposes for miscarriage

PregnantSometime after miscarriage we remember how we had picked up something heavy, we are affraid of the 3 martinies, which we had drunk, before we know that we are pregnant or just wonder if we had to spot work earlier. But nothing of these is important. The miscarriage comes, independently from our actions.
Here is the list of the most common factors, which we accuse, but they do not bring miscarriage:
Stress – Many of us feel many travmatically actions during the pregnancy, like the death in the family, stress in work. You will pass through this period also as your baby. like the hardest prove for this, that stress will not bring miscarriage is that more than 50 women were pregnant, while they lost their husbands in the terorist attacks on 11th September, but no of these women lost her baby. That is pretty sure fact, for you and you should keep your nervous, but not be affraid that this will make you miscarriage.
Bringing up of your older child – Your body will protest earlier than the moment, in which you may harm your baby. The most important thing is first to crouch and to turn the power into your legs, not into your neck. This is still not a purpose for miscarriage.
BabySport trainings – This in fact is something, which helps to you and to your baby. There are some rules, which should be observed – your pulse do not have to be more than 140 hits per minute, because this may restrict the quantity of oxygen comming to your baby. You also do not have to get much tired, not like the time you have not been pregnant.
Hits in the stomach – Remember, that the baby is well protected and only you may suffer from such action. Often this happens, while you are sleeping with your younger child or even with your partner. But we are not talking about problems with deliberate hits.
Bad feeding – Your baby will take the all nourishing substances, from which you will need and only you will be the one who will suffer from such bad feeding. In spite of this, is possible to make a born of the baby with low weight and with some┬áproblems with its development and growing. So the main idea from this is that you should take a heathy food during your pregnancy, but even taking of wrong diet, do not accuse it for miscarriage.
Drinking before you know that you are pregnant – More of the women are doing this and this is not a purpose for miscarriage. Baby will not drink even a drop from the alkohol you are drinking during the first some weeks. The baby got so small part from your blood, so you will not be affraid that this may harm any problems to it. If you continue drinking after you know about your pregnancy, this may cause problem with growing of the foetus

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