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Some tips for stimulating the kids immunity

Children immunityIn childhood immune system is still not fully mature and therefore children are most susceptible to the development of infectious diseases. The immune system is composed of a group of organs, tissues and cells that fight disease-causing micro-organisms trapped in the body. When a child has a strong immune system, it is less threatened by the development of infectious diseases and even ill will recover much faster.
1. Mandatory nurse your baby during the first few months of life. Breast milk contains antibodies that help is still imperfect immune system of the newborn.
2. Include fruits and vegetables in the diet of the child. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants plant foods – such as strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, cranberries, potatoes – will significantly boost his immunity.
3. Let the child from time to time be dirty. Contrary to widely shared logic in the dirt “moderation” may be the best friend of immunity, because it stimulates their maturation. Moreover, maintaining super-hygene shown to increase the risk of abrasion, ie. intersection and atopic diseases such as asthma, atopic dermatitis and others.
4. Reduce the amount of sugar in the children’s menu. Sweet can significantly decrease immune function.
5. Encourage your child to get used to a healthy diet and sports often. Give him a personal example. Contrary to popular opinion overweight and obesity have a negative effect on immune function. Therefore, maintaining optimal weight is another way to stimulate children’s immunity.

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