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“Summer Babies” are usually higher and stronger

Pregnant Woman BeachThe Children born in the late summer and early autumn, most often grow taller and have lower rates. This shows data from a large study conducted in Britain for over 10 years by scientists from the University of Bristol. Within the project “Children of the 90’s” (Children of the 90s) they collect and summarize data for over 7000 children and their mothers. The results showed that children born in July, August and September were on average about one centimeter higher than her other peers have a strong bone structure and have had about 25% less. According to scientists quoted by the BBC, the explanation of this fact is probably that during the last months of her pregnancy their mothers had stayed longer in the sun, ie in their body was formed more vitamin D, which is particularly important for the bones. “The strength of bone is important throughout our lives. Insufficient number of years of vitamin E in them manifests itself in later life and leads to more frequent manifestations of osteoporosis, “commented Professor John Tobayas. As for the risk of skin cancer because of exposure to the sun, scientists from Bristol give foolproof advice: “Better a little more sunlight than its complete absence.
Furthermore, they recommend pregnant to consult their doctor informing him of the time spent in the sun and if it deemed insufficient, only then to take vitamin D in the form of food supplements.

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