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The blackberries are required for the pregnant women during the summer

blackberryTaking folic acid is required for all expectant mothers, because thus preventing problems in fetal development. That is why summer is important the pregnant woman to obtain the acid, and naturally, and what more suitable and tasty way of blackberries. Besides being a source of folic acid, and blackberries are known for the variety of nutrients that the body wear. For starters berries are a source of large quantities of vitamin C, which in turn supports the immune system and regulate blood pressure. The high fiber content – in a handful of blackberries has about 8 grams of fiber – assist the intestines and digestive system as a whole, while maintaining the levels of harmful cholesterol in the acceptable size and weight – the norm. The tannin contained in the fruit helps the contraction of blood vessels due to an injury that blackberries are the perfect tool to reduce bleeding. In folk medicine it is a traditional approach for treating wounds. The blueberries are good for eyes. Contained in fetal Lutein protects the eye and in particular the retina from the harmful effects of radiation from the sun, and manganese, which is also rich fruit, contributes to the formation of scar tissue, which is a prerequisite for building a solid and healthy bones and structure.

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