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The childer also are having stress

Baby giftThe children in one degree or another, also suffer from the harmful effects of stress, but specific to them is that sometimes the state takes different forms and manifestations, which often do not pay attention. In some cases it is extremely difficult to know when stress is struck child. It is very close look at certain signs, patterns, gestures and even emotions, which can reveal what happens to the little man. The most common symptoms of stress in children still out mood swings, change in hours during which the child normally sleeps and cannot sleep, release during sleep and lack of desire to play and communicate with peers. In some small stress occurs in the form of acute abdominal pain or undue headaches. In other – there are problems in concentration, remembering, learning lessons, and a willingness to spend most of their time alone, without doing anything concrete. When a child who is knocking stress is less likely to occur to him some unusual habits, as they roll around and snivel when the child is not a cold, even sucking the thumb picks his nose and some researchers child psychology perceived negative impact of stress. So if you have even the smallest doubt that your child is anxious, ask its due attention.

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