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The healthy toothpastes

Healthy toothpasteThe main purpose of all toothpaste in the first place was to clean the teeth and mouth from deposits and other residues food that result from their decomposition destroy tooth enamel. The dentifrices differ in their composition. Cleaning particles may be too large in size and to have “squeaky” effect on the enamel, which began thinning. The benefit of using pastes with microspheres still disputed by some experts. As a result of them tooth may appear uneven, “convenient” for the placement of the bacteria. Thus, teeth begin to degrade. If too small particle size for cleaning they do not deal with deposits, ie not cleaned well.
How to find the healthy toothpaste?
Abrasion when they are measured in conventional units – RDA. For example, if RDA of the toothpaste is equal to 25, this means that it is intended for delicate cleaning sensitive teeth that respond to painful heat and cold, sweet and sour and other irritants. This paste is an ideal choice for children and adolescents, in which still forms the enamel of teeth, for pregnant and breastfeeding women, but also for people with high or delete email after the removal of tartar.
The RDA 75 is optimal for most toothpastes. They are designed for adults, eg for all who have already formed tooth enamel. This toothpaste is suitable for everyday use – we can say that it removes bacterial deposits without harming the teeth. The highest indicator of RDA is 200. This paste is used to remove pigmented plaque that appears as the background of smoking, frequent use of coffee, tea and some medicines. It is also useful for polishing the enamel and to prevent formation of tartar. The dentists recommend this toothpaste to use no more frequently than once a week

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