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The kid’s education starts from the pregnancy

babyToday’s medicine is aware that the fetus is able to perceive different kinds of information. The literature even uses the term “prenatal education (ie education before birth). But when the names start with him? The most experts are convinced that one of the key moments in the lives of future children is the process of conception, namely the state and the thoughts of his parents at this time. It was found that at the moment of conception test excitement and feelings of parenthood generate a powerful field that compels every cell in their bodies to “vibrate”, including the cells that form the fetus. If the conception takes place after the use of considerable amounts of alcohol or fray, it is unlikely that these parents to give life a harmonious person. Their negative vibrations will be transmitted to the fetus and increases the likelihood the child will grow up prone to various vices. If the conception is carried out by loving people, the quality of vibration will be possible. This couple has a chance to create harmony in every respect a child. Significantly, popular wisdom says that most beautiful and happiest children are the children of love.
Furthermore, authoritative studies in recent years prove conclusively that it is necessary beforehand to prepare for the conception of the child. If you want your child to be born healthy, smart and quiet, even before his birth parents need to lead a healthy lifestyle to achieve a certain psychological balance and harmony with ourselves and with the surrounding.

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