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The parents are living more than other people

ParentThe children make their parents life more diverse, sometimes chaotic and tense. But despite all the difficulties and the many obligations, the presence of children extends the life of the parents. Mothers have lower rates (including certain cancers) compared with childless women and men with children live twice as long – the risk of premature death among them is 35% lower than their childless peers, reported American Journal of Epidemiology. Emily Grundyu Kravdal and Einstein, scientists from universities in London and Oslo have analyzed data on 1.5 million men and women aged 45 to 68, they have analyzed more than 60,000 deaths and are trying to establish a possible link between marital status and quantity of children on the one hand, on the other – to correlate with the duration of life for parents.
“The risk of death depends not only on the number of children”, said Kravdal. “It is important and education: the risk of death in people with higher education to 2 times lower than the parents of the same age, but secondary education”.
The mothers live longer than childless women on the one hand there are physiological reasons and previous studies. But on the other, on men and women with children and the influence of social factors: “Parents less risk than people without children. Moreover, the elderly so they receive adequate support from their children”, said Kravdal.
You can talk about the inverse relation, according to two scientists: “It is people who are less healthy, have less children. Which subject is stronger can only be determined on the basis of statistics. “

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