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The Passive smoking during pregnancy can cause health problems to the baby

Passive SmokingThe Passive smoking poses less risk to the pregnant woman as smoking on its part. According to a study announced by Reuters, pregnant women who have to live or work in an environment with smokers are exposed to greater risk of stillbirth. Passive smoking, which are subjected to pregnant women at the same time increases the risk of giving birth to children with low body weight, smaller head circumference and other low performance, writes, citing a source results held on territory of Canada study. When passive smoking every person including the pregnant woman consumes about 1% of smoke that normally absorbs that which is lit and smoked a cigarette. Although the case of Mr seemingly minimal, it is enough to harm the fetus in the womb and cause health problems if the baby still is born alive. The authors of that publication is essential to know the risks and dangers that passive smoking poses as future mothers and their relatives and families and all the other people who in one way or another in touch with a pregnant woman and which actions can have a negative effect on the health of the fetus.

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