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The sport before pregnancy

Sport pregnancyDo you plan to become pregnant? This is the perfect time for my exercise program to be your body in shape. Exercise will tone and strengthen your muscles to be in the condition your body. If you start from now, you’ll be in better shape to cope with the challenges of future pregnancy and baby wear. Choose a sport that will be enjoyable and that you will feel invigorated. Avoid sports, which will feel stress and muscle pain. Start doing exercises in a slow pace, gradually accelerating rate of loading. Ask your partner to massage your body, so will feel toned and unloading. Keep your energy level by eating right and healthy, and spend more time sleeping. Practice a variety of sports to not be bored. Choose exercises that are comfortable and fit your lifestyle. Avoid stress. Forget about elevators and escalators, you very well affect climbing stairs. Walks during their lunch break. Do not sit too long in one place in the office, move more. Spend more time walking or cycling. Do not move permanently to your car, spend more time walking. If you have a dog walk him more often. Rediscover some hobbies since childhood – bowling, billiards, riding roller skating, jumping rope, swimming, skiing. Listen to your favorite music while exercising. Make fun of the sport in which you will feel better. Step by step you will improve your lifestyle and reach your desired goal, namely the joy of becoming a mother

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