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Baby giftWe all love gifts. Where are our baby, not just love them, but we are often very useful and save much money from the family budget, which anyway should be separable. The baby gift can just be for fun, but usually people prefer giving gifts, which will be useful for the family. Important is to make unique baby gift, which will not be missed by the parents in further usage. If you want to please the mother, better ask what is needed, instead of trying to surprise her. So it will save duplication of things we already have.
Most are given away outfit. Sometimes the mother gets so much that many of them still naked, because the child grows them in a very short time. If you decide to give away kind of like, here are a few tips.
Bodystockings give away that have buttons below / for easy diaper changing / and do not dress in head. My personal experience shows that all the wonderful Bodin, who had to pass through the head of the Irina you were brand new and untouched once tried to wear something like it and it ended with roars from her side. I gave up and all blouses, Camisoles with links and buttons on the back. Are uncomfortable, not only for clothing but also be raised when cuddle baby. I’ve collected a lot of them and certainly would not use them.
Blouses or at least I call them so. It’s a shirt with arms but without back, with hanging neck. The interior is impermeable and serves as a bib. Ideal for food and smeared the baby. It can spit and vomit quietly, without having to change everything after meals.
Top-polar clothes if you can give something peak, this matter is ideal. Hot well, is lightweight, easily washable and dries quickly. Hats, gloves and scarves in this matter are also very suitable.
Cosmonauts jackets and others – these purchases are more expensive than other clothes and they have to consult with the mother. As always in need of them could be your mother ahead and already has.
When buying clothes, it is best to buy slightly larger / sample for 2-3 months /, by referring to the season in which it will be worn. If the baby is a month does not make sense to buy clothes for one month because the mother has already secured enough for this month. Beware knitted blouses, waistcoats. I personally hate scary crocheted clothes and midwives are already overwhelmed me with woolen jackets, vests, 10 pairs socks knit and more. Under the secret to say that I’m going to dress them up much, except in their presence, not to offend them, though. Also, I have a whole kit with pre-knitted garments – rompers, blouse, hat and tarlatsi. Stand their naked, just do not like them.
Useful articles
Everything you decide to buy, must be coordinated with the mother. We all know that before the birth of each parent uses those “lists of recommended items for the baby and tries to provide everything in advance. Suggest it to buy something there.
Lounge – although I was wondering where you’ll find room for this thing in a small apartment, lounge was the most common thing at home. The child sleeps in it during the day, so I can watch it while I’m on the computer. I can spread into other rooms, not to worry, it’s only when you are not sleeping. Also, I can swing when murmur, and I do not have my left hand and cross it spread. There are different degrees of straightness, so going for a newborn.
Car Seats or diet – as these items are more expensive, you can combine with others. Useful and absolutely essential is the use of car seat, not only because of the amendments to the road, but for the safety of the child.
Baby bag – is terribly useful, especially if there is no such cart. Walking back and forth with the baby requires that you have always handy diaper, diaper, wipes / wet and dry / if not breast feeding – bottles, toy, pacifier. In this case you can safely and put your stuff / phone, wallet, documents, book or magazine, water for you, lipstick. Because it is a bit difficult to wear and handbag when you’re with a baby, this bag can hold everything and can wear it on his shoulder when you are not a cart.
Active gym – is also very useful when you leave your child lying on the bedroom, for example. So learn to be eyeing in toys, in time to catch them.
Musical toys – great for any mother and even more, never redundant. It is always good to have such a bedroom in the bag in the cart, in lounges on the sofa watching TV in the kitchen. Some toys are also on cooling and scratching the gums where the teeth are sprouting. I will never go wrong with them. However, look at the toys are not too loud / people and parents / and not with many batteries / however, and this is a serious charge, and you have 10 such toys.
Soft toys – all soft and colorful toys are useful for picking. Give away at this stage, plush toys, because they are useless. Their children were paying attention after many months. We have a teddy bear, which is a great decoration and nothing more.
Kangaroo or sling, it is assumed that the cart was purchased before birth, so ask what the mother prefers to carry a baby. Such a purchase is always useful.
Baby Beauty – Cosmetics ask what benefit the mother and give her a set. Although it sounds not very original, it will be very valuable and useful gift. Child beauty is expensive and ends pretty quickly. Baby oil, lotion against hacking and wet wipes are invaluable support for each parent.
Nappies and formula milk – the most non-original and most useful gift. A huge package of diapers will be invaluable help to the family budget, while over in time, parents will be very grateful. The same applies to formula if the baby is not breastfed. Of course, you should ask what benefit, because the most expensive brand does not mean the right brand.

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