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Vitamis and probiotics develop the kids immunine system

Multi-TabsThe studies show that use of probiotics have a positive effect on various diseases, but especially for the prevention and alleviation of symptoms of diarrhea and antibiotic treatment by balancing the intestinal system and, ultimately, strengthen the immune system. The most efficient and safe generation probiotic LGG bacteria are. The intake of LGG leads to lower pH in the digestive tract and enhances absorption of various vitamins and minerals. Especially for children, the Danish pharmaceutical company Ferrosan develop unique chewing up double-layer tablet of Children’s Vitamins Multi-tabs Immuno Kids with a pleasant strawberry-raspberry flavor. 11 vitamins and 8 minerals they are in one layer and sensitive LGG bacteria – in the other. They remain separated even after ingestion of the tablet: the tablet is initially divided into two parts and starts pulling the layer with probiotics, but after 20 minutes – start dissolving of vitamins and minerals. The multi-tabs Immuno Kids – children’s vitamins contain no artificial colors, preservatives, lactose and gluten, even the sugar is replaced with xylitol, which is beneficial for teeth. One tablet contains the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals for your child.
The product is suitable for children from 1 to 10 years.

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