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Weight gain during pregnancy

Pregnant woman eatThe weight and the pregnancy are two themes that go hand in hand. No mother should not think that the emergence of the new man will lead her to save plenty of pleasant emotions, but also changes in appearance, sometimes irreversible. But uploaded weight should not turn into obsession or a pregnant woman, rather they should be viewed as a landmark – the recommended amounts of weight allowed for upload must guide the mother at least in general terms but should not be forget that everything is individual and depends on the openness of the future mother to gain, and the specific pregnancy and how it goes.
These are but a few basic tips that you should be followed:
– Not to eat as two – this outdated view of the grandparents is just an excuse to overeat pregnant women, with reassuring that during pregnancy and everything is permitted it in unlimited quantities. If a pregnant woman was with a normal body composition before pregnancy, it is advisable to consume about 300 calories more than usual and contains a menu.
– Again, if pre-pregnancy weight was within normal limits, it should not gain more than 10-16 pounds depending on size. For those expectant mothers who are overweight, weight, which are allowed are 6.

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