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What is the infertility?

infertilityThe infertility is not a disease – it is a consequence of a breach in the body. May be due to improper development or disease of the reproductive system of one of the partners, endocrine disease, mental or neurological disease. The infertility is a problem of both sexes, so it is incorrect to say that the inability to conceive is the only woman. According to the statistics the infertility in women and men is virtually identical. Sometimes the cause is and sexual incompatibility, so it is sometimes enough to change the partner and children to come. Experts advise when doing research for infertility, such be subjected to both partners to be able to find the cause of infertility and to rectify the problem (if possible) early on. For infertile couples are considered one in which several years of regular intercourse without using contraception, a woman is not pregnant. According to research, even if it does not cause infertility, though some couples do not get to have kids. It is possible to cause the case to be a purely psychological: fear of such great responsibility for the child. Strange as it sounds, excessive desire for cost each child plays the role of psychological factors refrain. Such problems can be solved with the help of a psychologist. Recent years have found a cure for almost all cases of infertility and help doctors in about 90% of cases.

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